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Reusable Conventional Laryngoscope Handles

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Chrome Plated Brass Conventional Laryngoscopes handle compatible with all green system fiber optic blades. Fully compliant with ISO 7376 Green Specifications. LED Technology provides an electroluminescence, which is a Strong white or yellow light, allowing clinicians to have a clearer view of the larynx and a true view of tissue visibility or lesions.

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Reusable Conventional Laryngoscope Handles

• Waterproof And Fully Autoclavable Up To 4000 Cycles And Washer / Disinfector Compatible (After Removal Of Batteries)

• Individually Serial Numbered To Enable Sterilization Traceability

• Spiral Finish For A Secure Grip And Easy Cleaning

• Available In Adult, Paediatric & Stubby Sizes, Standard, And Non-Contact Variants

• Requires Standard Batteries; 2 X C Size For Adult And 2 X AA  For Pediatric / 2 X AAA Size For Stubby

• Latex Free

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