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Compatible with all ISO 7376 Compliant Fiber Optic Handles. Supplied in individual color-coded boxes.


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Single Use McCoy Laryngoscope

• Compatible With All ISO 7376: 2020 Compliant Conventional Fitting Handles

• Laser Welded Surgical Stainless Steel Runs Through The Hook, Proving Superior Strength

• Focused, Homogenous Light Pattern • Atraumatic Tip And Fully Formed Blade Profile With No Sharp Edges • Anti-Glare, Satin Finish Stainless Steel

• Full-Length ETTube Guide Surface • Supplied In Easy To Open, Colour Coded Sachets

• Tested To Exceed The ISO 7376: 2020 Standard Of Withstanding 150N (15kg) Of Force On The Tip. Our Blades Are Tested Up To 200N (20kg)

• Latex Free

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