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(Set of 6 Blades)

German High-Performance Integrated Fiber Optic BundlesProvides Best light quality, No Electrical Contacts in the Blade.• Superior Material and Surface Treatment• Designed to be Sterilized using steam, Seris, Steered or EO• Epoxy Sealed Channel Heat Resistant up to 392° F• Patented Integrated Design• Rain Forced ball lock system• Integrated Design minimizes bodily Fluid Entrapments• Extended Lifetime ensures lowest cost per use• virtually maintenance face, Rain forced tip

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Integrated Fiber Optic Laryngoscope

Chrome Plated BrasFiberoptic Laryngoscopes Handle Compatible with all green system fiber optic blades.FullycompliantwithISO 7376 Green Specifications.LED Technology To Provide An Electroluminescence, Which Is Strong White Or Yellow Light, Allowing clinicians To Have A Clearer View Of The Larynx And A True View Of Tissue visibility Or Lesions.

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